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  • The Flight built-in ultrasonic Piezo Scaler is a compact yet powerful machine used to remove the most stubborn calculus and tartar build up. It does not produce much heat and provides the patient with a softer more gentle experience. The system includes a set of 5 tips that are compatible with EMS.
  • The Flight Electric Motor System is a light weight and easy to use electric motor system. It is available in both a tabletop version and a built in version featuring a light weight yet powerful electric motor that is able to generate 3.4Ncm of torque with forward and reverse function. The LED light system is bright and long lasting providing excellent illumination coupled with your fiber optic contra angle handpiece. The unit comes with 3 preset features for 16:1, 1:1 and 1:5 allowing it to replace low and high speed air driven handpieces and eliminating the concern for aerosolized molecules during highspeed handpiece use with air driven handpieces.    
  • The iView LED and Camera is a dental operating light combined with a built-in Full HD video camera.  It features a high quality dental light with superior optics to illuminate the oral cavity at the precise alignment of the illuminated axis to provide the perfect lighting to match video capabilities. The combination of a camera and dental light together is a natural fit. iView differs from other products in this category because of G.Comm’s expertise and specialization already in dental LED lighting. The addition of a HD camera combined with superior lighting optics has allowed G.Comm to produce a product that is far superior to anything on the market.
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