The Clave8+ chamber type autoclave is a Class S steam sterilizer that utilizes a state-of-the-art steam pulsing technology. The Clave8+ uses a pressure displacement technology that allows a more complete removal of air inside the chamber before the sterilization cycle begins . In addition, with the steam injection pressure pulsing technology it reduces maintenance, improves sterilization effectiveness and increases speed of the sterilization process.

The Clave8+ uses the highest quality components and each unit is stress tested to ensure the quality and reliability of the machine. The Clave8+ is compact and efficient sterilizer is suitable for any dental, veterinary, podiatry, chiropodist, tattoo, medical and beauty office.

As the name suggests this is the largest chamber autoclave offered by Flight Dental Systems at 8L in capacity.

The Clave8+ also has an air assisted drying technology which integrates a compressor for faster drying.


Distilled Water Reservoir
  • Easily accessible and easy to fill.
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Capacity to run 5-6 Cycles Before Adding water
  • Fast Sterilization Cycles – 12 Minutes Unwrapped Flash Cycle

  • 5 Programmed Sterilizations Cycles: Flash/Unwrapped, Wrapped, Liquid, Textile, Prions

  • Independent Steam Generator for positive pressure displacement dynamic pulsating steam injection

  • Double Door Protection System – Prevents door from opening during Cycles (Provides Closed Door Drying)

  • HEPA Filter to ensure clean air into chamber

Frequency Maintenance Required
Daily Clean Door Seal

Clean the External Surface

Weekly Clean Distilled Water Reservoir

Clean Sterilization Chamber

Monthly Clean Filter inside Chamber and Tank
Every 3/6 Months Replace Door Seal
Every Year Replace Silicone Tubing, filters and door Seal
Every 2 Years Replace Battery on Main PCB that Controls Timer
Model Voltage Rated Power Chamber Size Weight
Clave8+ 110V 1600W Φ6.7″X 12.6″ (8L) 82 lbs
Comparison with Enbio S
Flight Clave8+ Enbio S
Capacity 8L 2.7L
Load Size 3.3lbs – Wrapped 1.1lbs – Wrapped
Cycle Time 12min Unwrapped 7min Unwrapped
Internal Memory 10,000 Cycles 20 Cycles
Printer Built in (Included) None
Datalogger USB USB
Warranty 2 Year 1 Year
Availability Canada and USA Canada and USA
Trays 2/3 1
Clean Water Reservoir Internal Tank External Bottle *(Bottle Not Included)
Waste Water Internal Tank and Auto Drain External Bottle *(Bottle Not Included)
Bowie Dick Test Not Required Required Each Day
Class of Sterilizer Class S Class B