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Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler

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Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler

The Flight Ultrasonic Magnetostrictive Scaler is a must have for every dental operatory. This portable unit only requires a water source and power source to operate. It is easy to use and small in design to fit in the smallest spaces. The system also has a unique self- adjusting frequency to accommodate both 25 and 30Khz inserts.



Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler

The Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler provides a higher maximum power setting for patients with heavy calculus. The jump from low-power to high-power can easily be controlled by decrease in foot-pressure. An easy unscrew of the hand piece sheath will pop it into the autoclave. No down time due to the convenience of extra sheaths, therefore you can keep on scaling while one sheath is in the oven.

The Flight Scaler is compatible with Dentsply Cavitron Inserts and Hu Friedy inserts. The self adjusting frequency allows you to attach both 25Khz and 30Khz inserts. This powerful machine allows you to perform all your scaling needs.


  • Frequency: (25/30 Khz) – Self Adjusting
  • Voltage: (110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A)
  • Weight: (2.6 KG)
  • Dimensions: (8 X 16 X 24 cm)
  • Water Supply: (25-60 PSI)


  • Compact and Light weight
  • Autoclavable hand piece sheath
  • Automatically switches operating frequency between 25K or 30K
  • Tips can be rotated 360 degrees to reduce cord drag
  • Deigned for use in prophylaxis treatments
  • Compatible with any cavitron insert 25/30K
  • Turbo Option built in to all units
  • Foot Control allows for easy control of power of the vibrations
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