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Flight Straight Nose Cone

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Flight Straight Nose Cone

The Flight E-Type Straight Nose Cone is both Kavo (F-424BZ) and NSK Compatible (F-415BZ). It’s attachment goes on any e-type air motor or electric motor. The F-415BZ is a no water straight nose cone used for tooth removal and right angled prophy heads for polishing. The F-424BZ is a KAVO compatible straight nose cone which can go on air motors and electric motors with a speed up to 40,000 rpm. These affordable yet durable straight nose cone slow speed handpieces are suitable for lab use, hygiene use and dental use. 1 year warranty.



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Straight Nose Cone, No Water, PN: F-415BZ

  • 1:1 Straight Nose Cone

  • RA Burs (2.35mm) and Lab Burs

  • 30-40 PSI at Motor, Up to 20,000rpm

  • Fits Right Angled Prophy Attachments

  • Lightweight and Durable 40g

  • NSK Compatible with EX-6

  • Positive Locking Open/Closed mechanism

  • Durable and Reliable – 1 year Warranty

  • FDA and Health Canada Licensed Products

Straight Nose Cone, Internal Water, PN: F-424BZ

  • 1:1 Straight Nose Cone with Internal Water

  • Chrome Finish for easy cleaning

  • 30-40 PSI at Motor, Up to 40,000 RPM

  • Lightweight and Durable 55g

  • Small Compact Head RA type Bur (2.35mm) and Lab Burs

  • Positive Locking Mechanism

  • Kavo Compatible  – Model 10C from Kavo

  • Durable and Reliable – 1 year Warranty

  • FDA and Health Canada Licensed Products


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