Continental Delivery System – CONT-3002

The Continental (Euro Style) Delivery System provides excellent ergonomics and better asepsis for the user and patient. The new style of dentistry allows the user to reduce fatigue on the wrist, elbow, and shoulders as the handpiece and tubing are coming from above with a spring mechanism that produces minimal resistance. In addition, with the unique technology of the Flight spring mechanism it makes it easy for the handpieces to retract back to their resting positions after use.

Excellent for surgeons, dentist, veterinarians and any practitioner who is looking for a delivery system style that will help extend their practicing years.

The Flight Continental Delivery system has a unique whip system that allows the handpiece and syringe tubings to be accessed from the top of the delivery system. The Flight Model CONT-3002 Continental delivery system offers superior ergonomics for the user and better asepsis as the tubings are not hanging from below.

The whip arms are smooth and easy to use with little resistance and reduced fatigue for the user compared to traditional style delivery systems.

Download Delivery System Brochure


  • Uses all DCI Compatible components
  • Standard Pneumatic Driven handpieces and Valves
  • Power Supply for Accessories 12V and 24V
  • Tray Size 12 ½ by 9 ¾
  • Wet/Dry foot control with chip blower/accessory button
  • Deluxe Touchpad with programmable positions, cup fill and bowl rinse control and light control
  • Five positions accommodate up to 4 handpieces and one syringe while proving room for expansion
  • Stainless Steel Tray Below



  • Euro Style or Whip System with tubings coming from the top of the delivery System
  • Better Asepsis for tubings and no tubings dragging on floor
  • Superior Ergonomics for User
  • Less Fatigue on the wrist and hands
  • Less Intrusive for Patient as the Delivery System sits directly over top of Patinets Chest
  • Spring Tension Whip System allows easy retraction and little Pull Back
  • Reliable Components with a Pneumatic and Air Driven System – DCI Compatible Parts
  • Standard with Syringe, 3 x Handpiece Connections and Optional 4th Slot
  •  Balanced Flexarm with air brake
  •  Control head provides room to
  • Able to house integrated accessories
  • Multi – voltage terminal strip available for connections in the field (12v and 24v AC)