Flight Dental Systems Stools are designed with exceptional design and provides the greatest comfort. Flight Dental Systems stools are ergonomically designed to target the sensitive area of skeletal pain which is very common in all of dentistry. By providing our customers with the choice of the which material and color, we hope to satisfy your specific dentistry needs.

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Deluxe Assistant Stool

The Flight Deluxe Assistant Stool offers smooth and comfortable seating for any dental assistant. The dual casters are made with high quality material that can prevent debris on the floor from getting caught in the wheels and can also be use on all types of surfaces from carpet to ceramic tiles.

Deluxe Doctor Stool

Ultra leather Upgrade for Deluxe Doctor Stool, Replacement Upholstery for Deluxe Doctor Stool – Specify Color (Plush and Seamless)

Saddle Stool

The Flight Saddle stool is the newest product to be added to the Flight family of operatory stools. The saddle stool is a multi-purpose stool that is appropriate for dental, medical, podiatry, ENT, beauty, spa, tattoo, veterinarian, lab, technical and office use. Saddle stools are very similar in look, design and feel as an equestrian saddle. The saddle design for seating comes with a pneumatic gas cylinder to allow the user to adjust the correct height to reach the optimal angle of 135 degrees between the hips and knees. On traditional chairs your hips and knees are typically at a 90 degree angle causing most people to naturally slouch or hunch over and over time this can lead to chronic shoulder and back pain. A 135 degree angle promotes proper posture and allows your spine to be in a healthy lordotic curved position that helps to reduce the pressure and stress on your spinal cord and to create a stronger core.