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Built In Ultrasonic Scaler

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Built In Ultrasonic Scaler

The Flight Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler is a high-powered scaling machine that has auto adjusting frequency for us with both 25 and 30KHz inserts. This a streamline design with autoclavable handle and a turbo boost that allows you get added power when you need to get rid of that stubborn calculus or tartar buildup. The unit can be built into and integrated into any delivery system on the market. This is a vital part of every dental office.



Built In Ultrasonic Scaler

Built-in system for dental unit (Magnetostrictive type) Economic solution for your dental clinic.

Product Advantages:
  • To be integrated into a dental unit (dental delivery system). Does not occupy extra room.
  • Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz insert. Auto-detecting function, no need to switch any button.

  • Detachable hand piece sleeve can be autoclaved in 135°C.
  • High-Power auto-detecting scaling unit
  • Compatible with all Cavitron, Hu-Friedy Scaling Inserts for 25kHz or 30kHz
  • Autoclavable Handle and Sleeve


  • Control Module dimension: 3.3 cm (H) x 10.1 cm (D) x 12.9 cm (W); Weight: 230 g
  • Power input: 24V AC; Max wattage consumption: approx, 90 W
  • Tubing Length: approx. 2.2m


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