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MK Dent Premium Synthetic Handpiece Lubricant

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MK Dent Premium Synthetic Handpiece Lubricant

The MK Dent Premium Synthetic Handpiece lubricant is suitable for all handpieces. This high quality synthetic oil will lubricate and clean at the same time, making it the most effective lubrication oil on the market. This Made in Germany product will help extend the life of your handpieces and provide the care it needs. Make sure when using this oil that you use the correct nozzle to add optimal lubrication to your high and slow speed handpieces.



Model No.


  • Premium Synthetic Handpiece Lubrication Oil

  • Used For:

    • Highspeed Handpieces
    • Slow Speed Handpieces
    • Air Motors
    • Surgical Instruments
    • Air Scalers
  • Pure Synthetic Oil using only the highest quality additives to make your handpiece last longer

  • Dual Action Lubricant and Cleaner for Maximum Longevity

  • LU1011 – Premium Synthetic Oil for Manual Spray Aerosol Can -500ml

  • LU1022 – Premium Synthetic Oil for Kavo Quattrocare and Statim Statmatic Lubrication Station -500ml

  • Less Deposits, Less Consumption and More Economical

  • Excellent Material Compatibility – Can be used on All Handpieces

  • Second Lubrication not required after sterilization

  • Made in Germany

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