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A12 Patient Chair

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A12 Patient Chair

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Flight Dental Systems new A12H Hydraulic Lift Chair is integrated with cutting edge technology improving patient and doctor comfort. The new design provides the optimal operating area for the doctor with the advantage of using the most cutting edge design maximizing the ergonomics of its environment.


This new design allowing for an exceptional range of motion coupled with durability at a sensible value is the result of the perfect union between man and space.



  • Lifting Mechanism (Hydraulic)
  • Seat Height (14.8″ – 33″)
  • Backrest Reclining Angle (-5 degrees to 67 degrees)
  • Safety Shut off Plate (Located under main chair)
  • Chair Rotation Angle (30 degrees left/ 30 degrees of centreline)
  • Electronic Foot Control (2 Programmable Positions, LP and Return)
  • Armrest (Dual Rotatable Armrest)
  • Emergency Stop (Any switch can cancel chair movement)


US & Canada Color Chart



Int’l Countries Color Chart





  • Hydraulic motor with 380mm as the lowest position capability of the chair.
  • Dual 180 rotatable arms allows for convenient placement of cuspidor and
    tray units for doctor and assistant.
  • Capability of moving on both sides allows for increased convenience
    for doctor and patient.
  • New designed dental light providing superb luminosity.
  • Slender headrest and backrest makes additional room for doctor’s foot space.
  • Optional LCD monitor mount.

Upgrade Options:

  • Ultra leather Upgrade for A12 Patient Chair
  • Deluxe Foot Control with 2 Programmable Positions
  • Flight Chair mounted Bracket for A12 Patient Chair 2″ Post
  • Replacement Upholstery- Specify Color (Plush and Seamless Only)



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