“Thanks for your attention to my new chairs! I appreciate the effort and time you put in!
It was very efficient and you kept to your word about the timing of installation so that I could see patients without closing down my practice.
And it is comforting that you will come up to barrie to service them if needed.”

Dr. Margaret Mcgillis

“We are very pleased with Flight Dental Systems. Their products are easy to work with and aesthetic. Including style, appearance and performance they are also good value for money. “

Dr. Saramma Thomas

The feedback from all of our staff including our 3 Doctors and 2 Hygienist has been great. They can’t believe they have been using the older models from different companies.

Our patients say that they are really comfortable and it makes it easier to come to the dental appointments.

Shannon Marshall, Altima Dental Canada

I have been very pleased with Flight Dental Equipment. Quality equipment at a good value…you can’t afford not to….

Dr. Jones Chan, Jones Chan Dentistry

Flight Dental Systems is a very professional company. Very reliable and the customer service is fantastic. We wouldn’t choose any other company other than Flight Dental Systems.

Dr. Carrie Hui

I recently purchased three A-12 Flight Dental chairs when I opened my second dental clinic in Richmond Hill last January and I am happy to say that I made an excellent decision.

Dr. Lily Lo, Dr. Lily Lo Dental Office

Flight Dental Systems is an excellent company. For the low price of the chair I paid for, I got the best quality and service from Flight Dental Systems.

Dr. Mahesh Inder Singh, Dr. Mahesh Dental Office

I was very satisfied with the Flight Equipment, not only was the equipment great value for its quality, the staff at Flight was also great to work with. I would highly recommend this to all those who are looking for a great dental chair and a great company to work with.

Dr. Uchenne Anumba, Dr. Uchenne Anumba's Dental Office

It is without hesitation or reservation that I write this recommendation for the services provided by Flight Dental. I engaged Flight to work with my construction contractor to move my practice to a new location. This included expansion as well as complete upgrades in IT and new Dental equipment.

Dr. Geeta Shukla, General Dentist, Mississauga