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MK Dent ECO Line 1:5 Contra Angle

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MK Dent ECO Line 1:5 Contra Angle

The MK dent 1:5 Red Ring Contra Angle is German engineered work horse. This well built and reliable contra angle handpiece will provide the cutting precision and efficiency required by the most demanding dentist. Compatible with all Electric Motor Systems on the market with a E-Type connection, this 1:5 contra angle is light weight and ergonomically designed to fit in your hands.



Features include:

  • With Light
  • Without Light


1:5 Speed Increasing Contra Angle Handpiece

  • FG-burs (Ø 1.6 mm)

  • 200,000 rpm non-load speed

  • Push button back cap

  • 80 g weight

  • Fiber Optic Rod for Lossless Lighting

  • 3-Spray Water Port

  • 1 Year Warranty

Reference no.

Model: LE15L

1:5 Contra Angle Head with Fiber Optic


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