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  • A6 Patient Chair features a hybrid drive mechanism, with a hydraulic base drive mechanism made in Japan and a electromechanical backrest drive mechanism, it creates the smoothest and most comfortable patient experience available. In addition, with the high density memory foam upholstery it provides the ultimate patient experience. The A6 Patient chair also features a thin backrest and seatrest for easy operator access and reduced obstruction from bulky upholstery and cushions.  
  • The Flight Electric Motor System is a light weight and easy to use electric motor system. It is available in both a tabletop version and a built in version featuring a light weight yet powerful electric motor that is able to generate 3.4Ncm of torque with forward and reverse function. The LED light system is bright and long lasting providing excellent illumination coupled with your fiber optic contra angle handpiece. The unit comes with 3 preset features for 16:1, 1:1 and 1:5 allowing it to replace low and high speed air driven handpieces and eliminating the concern for aerosolized molecules during highspeed handpiece use with air driven handpieces.    
  • The Flight Ultrasonic Magnetostrictive Scaler is a must have for every dental operatory. This portable unit only requires a water source and power source to operate. It is easy to use and small in design to fit in the smallest spaces. The system also has a unique self- adjusting frequency to accommodate both 25 and 30Khz inserts.
  • The MK dent 1:1 contra angle handpiece is built for performance. It features a removable head that is compatible with both FG Heads and Latch Heads for both restorative and prophylaxis use. This slow speed attachment has a smooth chrome finish with a ergonomic design that fits in your hand seamlessly. It is designed to work with both electric motors and air driven motors.
  • The MK dent 1:5 Red Ring Contra Angle is German engineered work horse. This well built and reliable contra angle handpiece will provide the cutting precision and efficiency required by the most demanding dentist. Compatible with all Electric Motor Systems on the market with a E-Type connection, this 1:5 contra angle is light weight and ergonomically designed to fit in your hands.
  • MK Dent/ Flight Highspeed Handpieces are all manufactured to the highest standards in Germany. These handpieces feature a highly precise ceramic bearing and a carbide insert chuck for improved longevity. The carbide insert is 10 times stronger than the steel inserts used by most manufacturers. This is a well balanced premium handpiece from MK Dent with an affordable price. Quiet and reliable quality that you come to expect from MK Dent.
  • The MK Dent Premium Synthetic Handpiece lubricant is suitable for all handpieces. This high quality synthetic oil will lubricate and clean at the same time, making it the most effective lubrication oil on the market. This Made in Germany product will help extend the life of your handpieces and provide the care it needs. Make sure when using this oil that you use the correct nozzle to add optimal lubrication to your high and slow speed handpieces.
  • The Planar® PXN2480MW is a 24" widescreen IPS LED backlit LCD desktop monitor that features a nearly borderless design, wide viewing angle, DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, external power supply and is available in black. The Planar PXN2480MW fits seamlessly into home, office, healthcare and digital signage environments.
  • The Flight Portable Mobile Cart System is integrated with a quiet and powerful oilless compressor to provide an efficient and easy to use self contained system for dental, veterinary, and hygiene practices. The system is quiet and lightweight to be used in enclosed areas. Compressor when running is only 60db and can power all your air driven handpieces and scaling units without the need for an external air supply.
  • The Flight Retrofit LED Light is one of the most innovative products to the dental industry. It allows you to easily and quickly upgrade your existing Halogen Lights to an LED Light without having to purchase new light arms, mounts or power supply. The conversion adapter kits are available for Pelton and Crane LFII, Adec All, Midmark, Marus and DCI Halogen Lights. The retrofits are simple and easy to replace and upgrade your existing Halogen Lights. Simply replace the light head and reuse your existing light arms, power supplies and mounting supports.
  • The Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld X-Ray is an ultra-safe state of the art system that has lower radiation levels than your traditional wall mounted x-rays. In addition, the ergonomic design allows the x-ray to be comfortably held in your hands and with one of the most intuitive and easy to use interfaces it makes doing a full mouth series even faster and more efficient. The X-Vision features the longest battery life on the market,  with a full charge, it is able to take up to 800 shots with very low exposure times while producing the best quality images whether it’s on film, digital sensor or phosphorus plates. Finally, with the use of high quality components, from the Panasonic battery to the Toshiba tube head, made in Japan, the X-Vision is the workhorse X-Ray for every office.
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