BRAMPTON, ON – Flight Dental Systems’ is proud to announce the launch of the LED Retro-Fit Kit that allows you to upgrade your existing halogen dental operating lights to LED by simply replacing the light head. Flight Dental’s innovative system is designed to replace existing halogen lights with the Torch or IRIS LED while re-using existing light arms, power supplies and wiring. This will enable the install to be performed in less than an hour, which reduces costs, time and disruption for your customer. This new product comes as a complete kit, which includes Flight LED Light-head, Adapter, Connectors, all Fasteners and complete step-by step installation instructions. Kits are currently available for unit mounted, Ceiling, Wall, Cabinet and Track Mounts for Adec 6300, Pelton LFII and Belmont Clesta. More kits should be available for different brands and models soon.

“Service Tech’s could install a complete kit during your customer’s lunch break, making it painless for the clinic both financially and scheduling”


  • Costs are significantly less than replacing entire new systems
  • Installation time is a fraction of the time compared to installing new arms and mounts
  • Installation can be performed by one person without use of ladders
  • LED is more energy efficient than Halogen
  • LED reduces heat build up
  • Provide color control for surgical, color matching and cure safe mode
  • Reduce rush service calls to change burnt-out halogen bulbs


  • Kits are only available for Adec, Pelton and Belmont light arms.

Flight Torch LED Light

Color: 5,500 Kelvin

Intensity: 8,000-30,000 Lux

Convert your Pelton and Crane LFII, Adec 6300, and Belmont Clesta to this LED Light in a matter of minutes.


Color: 4,200 – 6,000

Intensity: 8,000 to 35,000 Lux

Pelton and Crane LFII Halogen Light on a Ceiling Mounted Track Light System
Pelton and Crane LFII Retrofitted to a Torch LED Light

Part Numbers for Ordering

RFL-305FATorch LED Retrofit Light Kits for A-dec 6300
RFL-305FPYTorch LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Yoke Style)
RFL-305FPPTorch LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Pin Style)
RFL-305FBTorch LED Retrofit Light Kits for Belmont Clesta
RFL-306GAIRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for A-dec 6300
RFL-306GPYIRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Yoke Style)
RFL-306GPPIRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Pelton LFII, LFIII (Pin Style)
RFL-306GBIRIS LED Retrofit Light Kits for Belmont Clesta


Flight Dental Systems is a Canadian owned and managed dental equipment manufacturer and distributor with operations in over 25 countries around the world. Our company was founded on a commitment to deliver high quality products that provide the design, function and durability demanded by today’s dental professionals at an affordable price. Flight’s team of employees are dedicated to the improvement of oral health, with the belief that the dental unit is the base of the practitioners operation. Therefore, the company focuses on continuing to design innovative products that are able to suit the needs of every dental practitioner.

Media Contact

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Marketing Manager

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