Sterilization and Infection Control Newsletter

Brampton- September 2017

Here are a few points on sterilization and infection control in a Dental Office. More information in links below.

Sterilization Indicators: (RCDSO Guidelines Page 27)

Mechanical/Physical Indicators – Printer or Recording Devices must be used for each sterilization cycle to ensure proper mechanical and physical properties of sterilization have been met

Chemical Indicators – Class IV Sterilization Pouches should be used – 2 critical sterilization indicators (Internal and External Indicators on Pouch)

Biological Indicators – BI’s or Spore Tests performed Daily and should be performed with each sterilization of implantable devices

All 3 indicators must be met for proper sterilization. If one is not met instruments and sterilizer must be immediately removed from use.

A Log Book must also be kept showing that each indicator has been met for each sterilization cycle.

Flash Sterilization or Immediate Use Steam Sterilization: (RCDSO Guidelines Page 30 or PIDAC Page 49)

These are described in the PIDAC and RCDSO guidelines as packaged or unpackaged cycles for immediate use. They are not recommended unless absolutely required and must be used immediately and transported to the site of use in a proper vessel to avoid contamination. These would fall under the category of sterilizers where packs do not undergo drying cycles and are removed wet from sterilization chamber for immediate use.

Unacceptable Sterilization Devices: (PIDAC Page 56)

1) Boiling
2) UV Irradiation
3) Glass Bead Sterilization
4) Chemiclave
5) Microwave Ovens

Proper Processing and Sterilization Tips (Pg 59 PIDAC and Pharmaceutical Engineering Journal – Steam Sterilization Principles Vol.33 No. 6, 2013)
• Pouches should only be removed from the chamber when dry
• Pouches should remain sealed and dated or event stamped and placed in an enclosed storage area until used
• Proper environmental conditions maintained Temp(18-23C) Humidity (30-60%), Moisture resistant surfaces, dust free
• Do not Overload chamber

• Heavy items should be placed on the bottom rack/shelf as they accumulate the most condensation
• Do not Stack pouches on top of one another

These are just a few of the points from the RCDSO and PIDAC Guidelines. For further information please visit the following webpage links.

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