The Single Track Light System from Flight Dental Systems offers the same great as its patent pending dual track light system. Using a aluminium extruded frame the single track light systems provides the strongest most precise track system on the market. The trolley and custom designed rollers provides an exceptionally smooth and sturdy movement along the entire track system. In addition, the protective energy chain will help to protect against electrical wire damages from any twisting and bending caused during movement. The IRIS LED light features an indirect reflected LED module with touch pad control for preset settings including: cure safe, surgical and natural daylight modes. In addition, with a CRI of 90+ it is the best LED operating light on the market.

Single Track Light System (Model: TL-1005/I)

The Flight Dental Systems Single Track Light System is built with a unique carriage made using a strong extruded aluminium frame. The innovative trolley design allows the IRIS LED light to be positioned effortlessly with a single hand.


The IRIS LED light features a cast aluminum shell, adjustable color temperature and intensity adjustments. It comes with a touch pad for control and also 3 preset modes for easy adjustment. Available in RAL 9016 (White) only and available with Polaris LED or IRIS LED. Polaris LED not available in North America.


Test Standard Markings EN60601-1,         UL 60601-1,           CSA c22.2 #601.1 markings “cULus”


Ceiling Height Length of Post Part Number Price
8’ (2,438 mm) 12” 3698 $175.00
8’6” (2,591mm) 18” 3682 $205.00
9’ (2,743 mm) 24” 3703 $225.00
9’6” (2,896 mm) 30” 3706 $250.00
10’(3,048 mm) 36” 3707 $280.00
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