The A9 Operatory System is the newest addition to the Flight family of quality dental operatory systems. Its new stylish design combines some of the robustness from previous designs into a compact and simple dental unit that is highly reliable. As seen in its cousin the A12H Operatory, the chair utilizes a thin backrest to allow you to get as close as possible to the patient and the contoured base plate provides you the most optimal maneuverability to get access to the oral cavity.


Thin Backrest and Seat rest allows for better and closer access to the oral cavity of the patient contoured base plate that allows the user to roll closer to the patient without any obstruction. This simple and compact design allows you to maximize your space.

Hybrid Chair Lift System

The hybrid chair lift system combines a strong hydraulic base and a smooth and quiet electromechanical back motor. The hybrid design provides a smooth synchronized movement of the chair to allow faster patient positioning.



  • Copied Flight Circular Italian light is made in China
  • Luxury FLT500 doctor stool
  • 2X 3-way syringes, each at doctor and assitant side
  • 3X four-hole handpiece tubing with coupler (2XHigh, 1XLow)
  • 1X High-volume Evacuator (HVE) and 1X Saliva Ejector
  • 2X Foot controls
  • 1X Handpiece holder for scaler
  • Ceramic spitton bowl
  • 24V X-ray viewer
Natural working condition:
  • Environment temperature: 5°C to 40°C
  • Related humidity: = 80%
  • Power supply: ~110-220V±10%; 50Hz±10%
  • Air pressure: 200-600kPa
  • Water Pressure: 200-400kPa
  • Bearing capacity of the chair = 135KG