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  • MK Dent/ Flight Highspeed Handpieces are all manufactured to the highest standards in Germany. These handpieces feature a highly precise ceramic bearing and a carbide insert chuck for improved longevity. The carbide insert is 10 times stronger than the steel inserts used by most manufacturers. This is a well balanced premium handpiece from MK Dent with an affordable price. Quiet and reliable quality that you come to expect from MK Dent.
  • The MK Dent Premium Synthetic Handpiece lubricant is suitable for all handpieces. This high quality synthetic oil will lubricate and clean at the same time, making it the most effective lubrication oil on the market. This Made in Germany product will help extend the life of your handpieces and provide the care it needs. Make sure when using this oil that you use the correct nozzle to add optimal lubrication to your high and slow speed handpieces.
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