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Flight DefendMe II Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator

The Flight DefendMe II Aerosol Evacuator incorporates the newest technology in the industry in air purification with a 4 layer HEPA filtration system and a high powered UVCGI Disinfectant light to kill all viruses, bacteria and pathogens created during Aerosol Generating Dental Procedures.

The Flight DefendMe II is built with a quiet (59db) yet powerful 350W brushless motor with a 50,000 hr life expectancy. The small and powerful motor is able to generate 250CFM as it filters through the 4 stage HEPA 13 Filtration system and UVC light to create air that is free from any viruses or bacteria.

This system as a chair side extraoral aerosol evacuation system captures the aerosols created during a dental procedure and provides the safety and protection needed for you, your staff and your patients against the transmission of the airborne viruses.


DescriptionDefendMe II Evacuation System
Voltage110V 60hz
Max Power350W
Maximum Suction Power3500pa
Maximum Volume250CFM
Noise Level59db
Net Weight62lbs
Dimensions:16 x 12 x 22” (LxWxH)


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