With over 25 years in the dental industry, BaseVac engineers have developed a robust line of powerful, and incredibly efficient systems to meet even the most rigorous demands. Here are four reasons why you should choose BaseVac:

1. Unprecedented Power and Performance
BaseVac dental dry vacuum systems use a technically advanced oil free rotary vane vacuum pump designed to continue sucking air up to 25” Hg suction pressure – that’s five times the acceptable minimum, and significantly outperforms liquid ring “wet vac” and windmill/turbine type systems. Also, our systems quickly evacuate the piping to create a stored volume under vacuum adding significant capacity to your system to provide better performance when you need it.

Our unique BaseVac carbon vane compound is designed for long lasting and very, very quiet operation. Wear components are designed to exceed 8,000 running hours before needing replacement. The patented composition of the self-lubricating carbon vanes means moisture in the system will not affect operating performance.

2. Compact, Super Quiet Design
The BaseVac dental dry vacuum system is compact, quiet and designed to be installed in the smallest of settings. Furthermore, our systems are engineered precisely to provide maximum performance while remaining super quiet making it the perfect solution for smaller offices or more demanding environments.

3. Efficient and flexible operation
The BaseVac dental dry vacuum system is designed to save you money, largely through more efficient use of water. In comparison to wet vacuum pumps, the BaseVac dental dry vacuum system saves money on the purchase and disposal of the water required for operations in one simple way: it does not need water to operate. In a medium size clinic using two 2 Hp wet vac pumps without re- circulated water, the annual water consumption can be as high as 200,000 gallons per year – the same as 67,000 toilet flushes, or a 16’ x 32’ swimming pool per month. With a wet vac system that’s a lot of water in, and a lot of water out. With the BaseVac Dry Vac System, that’s a lot of water saved.

BaseVac engineers selected the world’s most efficient vacuum pumps with the built in ability to handle variable speeds to meet the variable demands of your clinic. The optional BaseVac Smart System Control continually changes the speed of 1, 2 or 3 vacuum pumps in a system, turning them on or off as required to constantly match power requirements with demand. This means a system big enough for 30 users in a school environment with the automatic control capability to reduce the energy used when only 2 users are active. It also means a system will automatically go from 30 Hp to 3 Hp depending on demand to conserve energy, ultimately saving you money.

4. Superior Air and Water Separation
BaseVac Dental Dry Systems use superior controls to drain liquids more effectively, more often than the average dental dry vac system. The result is smaller tanks that drain frequently, reducing bacteria, odors and cleaning time.

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Air Water Separator

The Continuous Run Tank allows higher than normal liquid levels to pass through the system without interrupting the suction flow. This means your dry vac will never stop to drain the tank. Continuous Run Tanks are designed to work in conjunction with the BaseVac HD Series and Custom Systems. The unique design provides two separate tanks; one always running, the other drains when full.

Custom Systems

These are the premier BaseVac™ central vacuum systems. The industry leading engineers at BaseVac™ will design the system specifically to your needs. From rooftop installations to huge multi operatory clinics they have the solution to whatever unique situation you have. These systems are available as duplex and triplex systems, with additional capacity upon request. Except for the latter, all are expandable, using standard factory modules, up to a triplex. As with the tank mounted units, all come with the basic accessories; mounting, however, is vertical. Each pump is mounted on its own stand, which stacks, one above the other. Each pump is connected to a central manifold, which is plumbed to a vertical air water separator.

HD Series

The dental vacuum that changed the way people thought about dry suction systems. The BaseVac HD Series Vacuum system pumps are all designed to produce 25” Hg vacuum; that’s 5 times the minimum required by dental standards. More efficiency and more power translate to more potential users per Hp than any other system. The systems are self-contained modules, cubes designed to be stacked into systems as your practice grows. The control module is pre-designed to accept expansion by just plugging it in.

M-VAC Series

With two powerful models designed specifically for use in 1 and 2 operatory clinics. The BaseVac™ M-VAC Series offers a powerful vacuum and air/water separator all in one small package. Like systems multiple times it’s size the M-Vac produces a astounding 25” Hg powerful suction, five times the minimum suggested by the Canadian and American Dental Associations.

The M-VAC is compact, quiet and so easy to install that you can really put it almost anywhere. The powerful system can be used on any size piping from ½” up to 1 ¼”. The unique two stage air water separator also provides the integrated base for the industries quietest pumps.