Brampton, ON – Flight Dental Systems is happy to announce the release of the Flight CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ Autoclave. The CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ are Flight’s first Class S steam injected pressure pulsing sterilizers. This unique class of sterilizers adds to our existing Class N and Class B sterilizer offerings to provide one of the most complete table top sterilization product lines on the market. The Class S pressure pulsing steam sterilizer brings a new wave of tabletop sterilizers that provides superior sterilization for hollow instruments and dental handpieces as the pressure pulsing steam injection eliminates the air more fully than traditional sterilizers. In addition, the Clave16+ and Clave23+ integrates a powerful diaphragm type compressor in collaboration with MEDO USA – Nitto Kokhi to provide superior drying capabilities compared to previous models. This new collaboration and partnership with MEDO USA – Nitto Kokhi has been a great partnership that had our teams and engineers working for over a year to find and test the perfect solution to integrate into our new system and the results have been phenomenal. The new compressor has reduced the drying time in half from a 60 minute closed door drying cycle to approximately a 30 minute closed door drying cycle. Faster drying times means shorter total cycle times and faster turnover of instruments and tools to make your reprocessing even more efficient.

NEW Features:
• Pressure Pulsing Steam Injected Sterilization
• Air removal using a dynamic process
• Closed Door Drying with Air Assisted Drying
• Integrated Compressor/Vacuum for Superior Air Circulation and Drying Times
• Printer and USB capabilities built in to the System
• Fully Automatic Programs for Easy and Fast Sterilization
• Complete Wrapped Cycle Time of Approximately 50 – 60 minutes – Completely Dry
• New Rack System in the chamber to provide optimal space usage and higher capacity for both trays and cassettes.
• Excellent for Flight Stainless Steel Sterilization Cassettes

The new Flight CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ will utilize the same great technology with the addition of more sophisticated software to provide more features and cycle settings and also superior components from Europe and Japan. The CLAVE line features an independent steam generator that ensures quick sterilization cycles, LCD display with clear and easy to use interface, stainless steel chamber and trays and a double locking mechanism that provides added safety to prevent door from opening when in use or if there is pressure inside the chamber.

The CLAVE16+ is a 16L Autoclave that can fit 3 trays inside the chamber. These are excellent for smaller dental, plastic surgeons, medical offices, podiatry, Tattoo, veterinarian, beauty and spa facilities.
The CLAVE23+ is a 23L Autoclave that can fit 4 trays inside the chamber. These require a longer table surface because of the larger chamber and is excellent for all medical, dental, veterinarian, tattoo, beauty, podiatry, chiropodist, ENT, Surgeons, Oral Surgeons, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor and many more fields that require a fast, compact and efficient steam sterilizer.

Both of the CLAVE16+ and CLAVE23+ are fully automatic bench/tabletop autoclaves with preset programs. The software it uses is some of the most advanced with 5 pre-programmed cycles that include cycles appropriate for unwrapped, Liquid, plastics, Wrapped, Textile and Prion materials. The software uses thermal, pressure and infrared sensors to detect any irregularities with the system and will provide error codes that will notify the user of any issues. The safety features on the autoclave also help to ensure that the device is working in a safe manner and that there is a reduced risk of injury or damage to the machine.

Key Software Features

– Double Door protection system prevents door from opening during a cycle
– Pressure safety to prevent the steam generator from producing too much pressure
– Errors Detected and notified to user through intuitive LCD Display panel
– Water level switches
– Automatic Maintenance notifications


Chamber Size 16L (9” x 14.2”) 23L (9.72” x 23.6”)
Number of Trays 3 3 or 4
Power (W) 2200 2200
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.5” x 16.1” x 23.8” 18.9” x 18.3” x 27.6”
Programmed Cycle Solid: 4 min Sterilization @134C, 20 min Sterilization @121C

Total Time: 14-30mins + 30 Min Drying

Liquid:  10 Min @ 134C, 30min @121C

Total Time: 30-55min + 30 Min Drying

Wrapped: 10 min @134C, 30min @121C

Total Time: 30-45min+ 30 Min Drying


Solid: 4 min Sterilization @134C, 20 min Sterilization @121C

Total Time: 20-45min + 30 Min Drying

Liquid:  10 Min @ 134C, 30min + 30 Min Drying @121C

Total Time: 35-60min + 30 Min Drying

Wrapped: 10 min @134C, 30min + 30 Min Drying @121C

Total Time: 45 -65min + 30 Min Drying



• Printer
• Independent Drying Program