Brampton, ON – Flight Dental Systems’ is proud to announce the new A6 Radius Package. The new A6 Radius utilizes the proven and reliable A6 Patient Chair as its platform for this package. The A6 Patient Chair has been one of the most reliable chairs in the Flight product line since its launch 5 years ago.

A6 Features

• A6 Patient Chair with Hybrid Lift Systems – Hydraulic Lift Mechanism and Electromechanical Backrest Control

• Slim and Ergonomic Backrest allowing exceptional access to patient oral cavity
• Memory Foam Cushion for added Comfort and Support
• Available in Stitched or Seamless Upholstery
• 9 Standard Color Options Available with endless custom colors available

This new A6 Radius, as its name suggests, is configured as an ambidextrous dental operatory package with the swing arms mounted to the front base of the chair and the assistant vacuum package on the rear of the chair that can be easily converted from a left-handed operatory package to a right-handed operatory package without the use of any tools. The new A6 Package comes with a modified chair base and a new cast aluminum base plate for added support and strength. In addition, with the way the chair package is produced, the delivery unit and light does not move with the chairs movement, thus allowing additional stability for the light and delivery system but still providing an excellent range of motion to allow both sit down and stand up dentistry to be performed.

New Features

• Base Mounted Delivery Unit Swing Mount and LED Light for Better Stability
• New Vacuum Canister Design for Better Tubing Management and Ergonomics
• Solid Cast Aluminum Base Plate with new Shape and Design for Better Access and Stability
• Solid Steel Mounting Plate for Swing Mounted Arms

With the changes in dentistry, and the new popularity in recent years, particularly with larger practices and group practices, the need for an affordable ambidextrous unit has become more evident. This new package by Flight Dental Systems’ fills the needs of numerous practices that are looking for an affordable and reliable operatory package that is able to convert from left-hand to right-hand easily in the operatory. As well, combined with Flight Dental Systems’ reliable A6 patient chair and delivery unit this A6 Radius will finally offer a perfect option for the dental community that really meets their needs.
As a result, this new A6 will be targeted towards DSO’s, Hospitals, Teaching Institutions, Specialties, Training Schools and Government projects. The design of the A6 makes this product line perfect for these organizations. Please contact your local distributor or equipment specialist for a quote or more information.