Lubrication Oil – It’s all the same..right?

In the dental handpiece world there are primarily two types of handpiece oils used. The first being mineral oil which is the most commonly used lubricant in the industry for high and low speed handpiece lubrication. Mineral oil is an inexpensive oil lubricant that does provide the extended performance necessary at an affordable price. However, with mineral oils you are left with many impurities in the oil that overtime will leave deposits and sludge in the handpiece turbine. On the other hand synthetic oil provides a 100% impurity free lubricant that is thermally stable at high temperatures and extends the life of the device far longer than traditional mineral oil. There have been numerous studies over the last several decades that have shown how synthetic oil outperforms mineral oil in various industries including motor vehicles.  Synthetic oil has proven to provide better performance and extended life in high heat and high speed environments much like what is required of a high speed dental handpiece which may be rotating at 350,000 to 400,000 rpm.   Therefore the general rule among most experts and engineers is that – the higher the speed & friction the cleaner the oil should be. As the velocity in dental handpieces is tremendously high it is absolutely vital to ensure reduce the friction through a high quality lubricate to eliminate abrasion as much as possible.

But what is the difference?

The most important factor is, that MK-dent (contrary to a lot of other manufacturers) is using only synthetic oil instead of mineral oil, which is far superior in terms of quality. The reason for it would be that mineral oil is an organic substance that needs to go through several filtration processes, however even most modern filtration can only remove larger particles so 30% of nanoparticles are left in the oil.

Ultimately this is hindering the oiling process. Synthetic oil instead is biochemically engineered to lubricate, therefore it provides a cleanness of 100%.

A study by the American Automobile Association executed a study on the performance of conventional/mineral and synthetic oil. This test was performed according to the norms of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The most important test performed is the ASTM D6278 – Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability Test which proves the resistance of the oil against action of forces and material destruction by breaking or tearing.

The final result of this study showing, that synthetic oil outperforms conventional/mineral oil by 47% according to this study, which is equal to other studies performed by companies like Total, etc..

MK Dent Germany offers two variations in their oil lubricant. Both options use a premium fully synthetic oil that will extend the life of your handpiece by simply switching from your traditional mineral oil spray can to the MK Dent Premium Synthetic Oil Spray.

Model LU1011 is a manual spray can which can replace your Kavo Spray and upgrading to Synthetic Oil instead of Mineral oil which Kavo Spray uses.

The second option is the LU1022 which is compatible with your Kavo Quattrocare and Scican Statmatic machine. This oil can has a barcode on it to allow you to use it the Kavo and Scican automatic lubrication machine without any issues.