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New Product Announcement –  iVIEW

Brampton, OntarioFlight Dental Systems is proud to iiris viewntroduce the G.Comm iView LED light and Camera package. G.Comm has developed many innovative products like the Polaris LED light, ISA Halogen light and Vision halogen light over the years and with their exception
al design, innovation and attention to detail have made them an industry leader in dental lighting. The new iView LED is a dental operating light combined with a built-in Full HD video camera.  It features a high quality dental light with superior optics to illuminate the oral cavity at the precise alignment of the illuminated axis to provide the perfect lighting to match video capabilities. The combination of a camera and dental light together is a natural fit. iView differs from other products in this category because of G.Comm’s expertise and specialization already in dental LED lighting. The addition of a HD camera combined with superior lighting optics has allowed G.Comm to produce a product that is far superior to anything on the market.

The Full HD resolution (1920x1080px) video camera features:

  • Autofocus with 30x optical zoom
  • Built in WiFi control for light control and camera control through an iPad App – MyLight
  • Freeze Frame and Recording capability
  • Automatic White Balance Adjustment from 3000-7500K
  • 90% Vibration Correction up to 10Hz


  • Provides a detailed image of the operating area
  • Highlights the details that are difficult to see with the Naked eye
  • Relieves eye strain by allowing the camera to focusing in on a specific area
  • Allows the multimedia docume
    ntation of procedures in high definition
  • Live Streaming capabilities for recording and viewing operations for conferences, teaching schools, hospitals and university lectures
  • Improves and facilitates better communication with the patient

Allows better communication during diagnosis phase and education for the patient by providing real-time video streaming


Sensor: 1/2.8” CMOS
Resolution: 1920 x 1080px (Full HD)
Zoom: 30x Optical
Working Distance: From 35 cm to 80 cm
Zoom Speed: From Wide to Full Zoom (With Autofocus) in 4.6s
Video Output: Y/Pb/Pr Signal, progressive or interfaced. Scan up to 1/60s. Frame out up ot 30fps
White Balance: Automatic from 3000k to 7500k
Brightness Balance: Automatic with Wide Dynamic Range Mode
Image Stabilizer: 90% Vibration Correction up to 10Hz


Supply Voltage: 12-24Vac 50-60Hz
Maximum Power Absorbed 50VA
Max Absorbed Current 3A
Illuminated Spot Dimension Approx. 70 x 140mm
Brightness Intensity (5 Adjustable Steps) From 8000 lux to 35000 lux
Colour Temperature (5 Adjustable Steps) From 4200K to 6000
Focal Length 70cm
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) >90%
Light Source 8 LEDs
Emission Spectrum 380 – 780 nm

Mounting Options

The G.Comm iView Led and Camera is available currently in Ceiling Mount and Chair Mount versions only. The dual and single track mount options will be coming soon

Mounting options are easy and integration with monitors, recording devices and computers are done seamlessly.

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Contact your local distributor for additional pricing information or to see the chair in their showroom. 


Joseph Hui

Marketing Manger
+1 (905) 799-0517

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlightDentalSystems

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flightdental

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/flightdental

About Flight Dental Systems

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