Brampton, ON – Flight Dental Systems is happy to announce the release of the new Handheld X-ray to the USA Market. After much research and testing we have developed a product that is able to offer the most reliable, easy to use and economical Handheld Portable dental X-ray available in the market today.

The Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray uses a state of the art X-Ray Generator made by Canon in Japan, that is compact and ultra safe. This allows the X-Vision to be a powerful unit but remain lightweight and portable. The ergonomic design allows the x-ray to be comfortably held in your hands and with one of the most intuitive and easy to use interfaces it makes doing a full mouth series easier and more efficient. In addition, the X-Vision features one of the longest lasting batteries on the market for handheld dental x-rays with a high quality Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery that is able to produce up to 800+ exposures in one charge. The X-Vision is safe, effective, lightweight and will make traditional wall mounted intraoral x-rays obsolete in the coming years. X-Vision is available in both white and black.

The advantages of portable Handheld X-Rays versus Fixed Mount X-rays are numerous.  These advantages plus Flight’s industry leading features makes it the obvious choice.


  • Portability – Having an X-ray that is portable allows the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray to be shared in multiple operatories. This provides the flexibility of being able to move the X-ray rather than the patient
  • Economics – The portability of the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-ray enables you to purchase a fewer amount of X-Ray Machines per clinic. As a result the costs per clinic can be greatly be reduced
  • Ergonomics – Using the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray enables the practitioner to stay in the room with the patient to ensure that the patient does not move during the procedure. This is especially important when working with children. This advantage can result in fewer “Retakes” saving time and money.
  • Flexibility – the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray requires no installation, no hard wiring and as a result can be moved from operatory to operatory or even from clinic to clinic.
  • Easily Serviced – the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray is completely portable major repairs are as easy as shipping them to a repair depot. No need to involve costly technicians to perform on-site repairs, or remove bulky arms to ship off-site for repair.
  • Safe – the Flight X-Vision Handheld produces less radiation per exposure than traditional fixed mounted X-Rays. This makes them safer for both the practitioner and the patient
  • Simplified Operation – The Easy to operate point-and- shoot controls operates similar to a traditional camera.
  • Less down-time – the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray has an integrated battery that provides significantly more exposure between charges than any other Handheld X-Ray on the market.
  • Cost Advantage – In spite of the remarkable features and benefits listed above the Flight X-Vision Handheld X-Ray is priced as one of the most economic Handhelds available.

As the need to optimize efficiency and flexibility in the workplace becomes more critical in day to day operations, let Flight’s innovative solutions provide the technological superior equipment to achieve these improvements.

Portable Handheld Dental x-ray

A common misconception is that handheld X-Rays are not safe and can expose the operator to unnecessary radiation exposure. However, tests have shown that when used properly handheld portable x-rays can be as safe as a traditional wall mounted x-ray. The amount of radiation that the operator is exposed to is minimal and is less than 0.02% of the maximum annual radiation exposure rate when they take 24000 shots. When compared to a patient who does a full mouth series they are exposed to approximately 2.48mr which represents 0.05% of their annual radiation dose in a single visit. Therefore, handheld portable x-rays are not only safe to use for the operator but ultimately exposes the user to even less radiation which adheres to the ALARA principles for radiation.

Why buy multiple fixed mount X-Rays when 1 Handheld will do?

Why move patients when you can move the Handheld?

Why pay more when you can pay less?

Contact one of Flight’s Authorized Dealers today to see how easy it is to move into the next generation with Flight’s X-Vision Handheld X-Ray

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