Brampton, ON – Flight Dental Systems headquartered in Brampton, Ontario has now officially entered the veterinary market through a partnership with a well-established veterinarian supply company. Eickemeyer Veterinary Technology for Life, situated in Stratford, Ontario,has been a full-service distributor for over 15 years in the Canadian veterinary market and has over 50 years’ worth of experience servicing customers across Europe. Headquartered in Germany, this industry leader in veterinarian medical technologies for three generations and counting, has built their company on the motto that improving animal welfare is at the heart of all their products and decisions. Hence, the focus with Eickemeyer is to provide Flight’s products into the veterinarian market by offering quintessential solutions to meet individual’s demands and to guarantee quality at a reasonable price; this appears to be the driving force behind this formidable partnership.

According to Michael Hui, the Chief Technology Officer, “Eickemeyer has been very effective in bridging the gap between technology and practical applications needed to build a successful practice and therefore we feel they are the perfect partner for us in the veterinary market. Also, with their excellent track record for providing quality customer service and excellent after-sales support the decision was an easy one.”

Flight Dental Systems has been providing quality and affordable products to the dental industry for over 16 years. As a result of their focus on offering affordable, quality products, they have become the largest dental equipment manufacturer in Canada and at every step have continued to expand and accelerate their growth.

“Our goal is aligned with Eickemeyer’s motto, to expand into the veterinarian market and to provide products that can benefit the welfare of animals.We are now able to offer the same quality products to a market that is direly in need of an alternative option which is affordable yet reliable.” says Michael Hui.

As per Courtney Rose the Country Manager at Eickemeyer Canada “The extended team here at Eickemeyer and myself are very excited as well with the partnership with Flight Dental Systems. With Eickemeyer’s base of operations in Stratford, Ontario and Flight’s in Brampton, Ontario, this will allow for a quick and efficient supply and service to our veterinary customers across Canada”.

With this partnership all Flight equipment including air driven dental handpieces, dental mobile carts, autoclaves, and ultrasonic scalers will be available through Eickemeyer across Canada and the USA.

All of Flight Dental System’s product can be viewed on their website at Further product information can be obtained by simply calling 1-866-799-0517 ext. 106.

For all your veterinary clinic needs including Flight Dental Systems products visit their web site at, They can also reached on their general company email at or their sales and service staff at 519-273-5558 who can offer a personalised service.