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Joseph Hui

Brampton, Ontario – Flight Dental Systems is proud to announce the newest product to its product line, the single and dual track light system. The dual track light system by Flight Dental Systems is a unique and patent pending system that allows the user complete flexibility in the positioning of the light and monitor. The dual carriage system enables the monitor and light to move the entire length of the track so it can be positioned over the patient or near the foot of the patient without obstructing one another’s movement. Flight Dental also offers a single carriage light or monitor model. This “by-pass” system with the arms parallel to each other at different gradients is another innovative product introduced by Flight Dental Systems.

“The single and dual track light systems are one of the most innovative products we have produced to this date. Traditional dual track systems have tracks that are installed back to back creating an obstacle each time the monitor or the light is repositioned, while the Flight track is able to move independently without ever having to hit each other. In addition, the dual carriages offer one of the most solid and smooth rolling tracks on the market” says Joseph Hui President of Flight Dental Systems.

Flight Dental’s dual and single track system is only available with the Polaris LED light. The Polaris LED light shown below is made entirely in aluminum which allows for easy asepsis and sterilization. The Polaris Led light is designed with the most advanced technological features as well as an Italian inspired design. The thought and care put into designing this masterpiece is clear and the countless hours spent to perfect the engineering of the lighting reflects the high quality of the product.


Dual Track Light *Monitor not included



Single Track Light


Medical Grade Dental Monitor

Flight Dental System will also be introducing as part of the track light systems a medical grade high definition dental monitor. The monitor uses a unique medical grade optical glass screen that allows the user to clean, wipe and disinfect the display without leaving stains and damaging the monitor. The monitor can be chair mounted or track mounted. There will be two models available, a 17” (ET17VM) and 19” (ET19HM) high resolution monitor. The monitor has a new integrated video board to deliver sharper images, enhanced brightness for easy X-ray Viewing, water sealed screen and Green Energy Star, low energy consumption.



  • Made In Canada – Manufactured by Flight Dental Systems
  • Local Distribution and Availability of Equipment

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