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Gautam Singh

Brampton, ON- Flight Dental Systems would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our new website at The company has completely redesigned the website to provide their customers with easy access to information and resources. The company’s goal is to continue to professionalize the company image and provide a more user friendly interface to enable customers and clients more efficient access to information. In addition, it will allow customers to navigate and acquire specific information on the Flight line of dental products with the click of a button. Joseph Hui the president of Flight says, “The web provides an instant portal to information that customers can access at their convenience. Therefore, it is monumental that we continue to develop and provide a user friendly interface to allow them to access this information freely and efficiently.”

As well, Charles Hui the Chairman of the board expressed that “A well-constructed website will create a reputable online presence, build brand loyalty and, when combined with social mediums like blogging, Facebook and Twitter, demonstrate that a business is adaptable and modern.”

The two comments from top management truly express the forward thinking nature of the company and their direction for the future.

Another very promising quote came from Senior Consultant Ali Al-Ahmar at Flight Dental Systems, that they are committed to their customers and continually improving on all aspects of the company.“A professional, well designed website, with the right content, easy navigation and quickly accessible contact details, greatly increases customer confidence in your company. A well designed website shows people that you are forward thinking and customer focused, much in the way a well designed business card did in the past, which is an important factor in any buying decision that they have to make.”

In general, Flight has made a commitment to improving the customer experience and available resources by adding number of new features to the website including the following.

New Photo Gallery

The photo gallery consists of stunning new pictures of Flight’s line of dental chairs in offices and amazing pictures from tradeshows. This section is reached by going over the “Our Company” tab and then clicking on the “Image Gallery” section. The direct link is:


The downloads section is constantly updating with new documents which consists of Marketing Material, Technical Documents, Service Procedures, Manuals, Templates & Diagrams, Software, and recent Press Releases. The Downloads section is a user friendly interface which can be used for viewing or downloading. This section can be reached by clicking on the “Downloads” tab on the website. The direct link is:


Flight Dental Systems currently has a 5 year warranty on its line of dental products. This is to ensure customers of the company’s reliability. With detailed information on Flight’s 5 year warranty, there is a Warranty Registration Form for customers to fill out which is archived in the system. This section can be reached by going over the “Our Products” tab and then clicking on the “Warranty” section. The direct link to the Warranty Registration Form is


Flight’s Distributors section is reorganized to better help customers find what they need and who to contact. Flight is constantly updating this section with new representatives with a specific region. Customers can now easily select which country/region they want and contact the specific representative they are looking for. This section can be reached by going over the “Distributors” tab and then clicking on “Global Distributors”. The direct link is


Flight is constantly updating the Events section with various tradeshows and events Flight is attending for the remainder of 2012. This section supplies the venue and the booth number on the website to help customers show Flight Dental Systems their support at the events. This section can be reached by going over the “Our Company” tab and then clicking on “Events”. The direct link to the Events page is


Also, a Testimonials page is added. The goal here is to show new customers the brand loyalty Flight achieved with this line of dental products. All of Flight’s previous customers are extremely happy with the products and are directly quoted on the website. There are many testimonials from dentists across Canada such as Dr. Jones Chan, Dr. Carrie Hui, Dr. Lily Lo, etc.


The website is updated with many new products. Each product has its own page which gives detailed information on the dimensions, weight, specifications, features and upgrade options. Flight’s Operatory Systems consists of the A2 Operatory System, A9 Operatory System, A10 Operatory System, and the A12 Operatory System. The Patient Chairs consists of the A2 Patient Chair, A10 Patient Chair, and the A12 Patient Chair. The Stools section consists of both the Doctor’s Deluxe Stool and the Assistant’s Deluxe Stool. The Lights section consists of the new G.comm Polaris LED Light, G.comm ISA Halogen Light, and the Flight A-Series Halogen Light. Flight carries the A-Series Doctor’s Cart and Accessories which consists of the Intraoral Camera, Built in Piezo Scaler, LCD Monitors and the Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler.

About Flight Dental Systems

Flight Dental Systems is a Canadian owned and managed dental equipment manufacturer and distributor with operations in over 25 countries around the world. Our company was founded on a commitment to deliver high quality products that provide the design, function and durability demanded by today’s dental professionals at an affordable price. It specializes in the designing and manufacturing of dental chairs and complete operatories for suppliers around the world. However, Flight is not only a dental equipment manufacturer; they are a team of employees who are dedicated to the improvement of oral health, with the belief that the dental unit is the base of the practitioners operation. Therefore, the company focuses on continuing to design innovative products that are able to suit the needs of every dental practitioner.