Media Contact:
Joseph Hui


Brampton, Canada

R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc. the Manufacturer of BaseVac Branded dental dry suctions systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Flight Dental Systems as its USA distributor. Flight through its ESA sales organization will service and support US dental dealers coast to coast. Flight was selected to distribute BaseVac products because of their position in the market to offer affordable quality equipment to the dental world. Flight has the depth of ownership and management to support a bold undertaking in a very competitive marketplace.

The BaseVac Dry Suction is the first 100% dry vacuum, requiring no oil and no water, and offering up to 25” Hg in suction strength. It is truly a vacuum that is not a compromise, with 70% stronger suction than its closest competitor, a quiet design and dependable rotary vane technology; it is a true set and forget vacuum system.

Joseph Hui, President of Flight Dental Systems, said, “R.E. Morrison is a recognized leader and innovator in providing dentists with powerful suction options. Flight shares REM’s commitment to providing the best solution to dentists for their suction needs as well as providing an environmentally sustainable option.”

BaseVac’s unique system allows dentists who are replacing old liquid ring vacuums or “Wet Vacuums” from having to change any existing plumbing. The suction strength of the BaseVac system is able to adapt to any pipe sizes and any plumbing configuration, whether the pipe size is ½” or 3” the BaseVac system can outperform its competitors.

In addition, because of BaseVac’s roots as an industrial vacuum pump supplier they are able to engineer systems that are custom built for your every specification. They have built systems that have supported clinics as large as 100 operatory’s to clinics in mobile vehicles with 1 user. Their ability to customize and design systems are limitless and is another reason that sets them apart from their competitors.

“I look forward to working with Ray Ralph and R.E. Morrison in the USA for a long time. They are a great company and have built a great brand here in Canada with BaseVac Dental Systems” says Charles Hui, CEO at Flight Dental Systems.

The BaseVac System will be represented by ESA and its 18 Manufacturer Representatives covering all territories in the US. For more information please contact Flight Dental Systems at 1-866-799-0517 and for ordering contact your local dental dealer today to see the difference.


About Flight Dental Systems

Flight Dental Systems is a Canadian owned and managed dental equipment manufacturer and distributor with operations in over 25 countries around the world. Our company was founded on a commitment to deliver high quality products that provide the design, function and durability demanded by today’s dental professionals at an affordable price. It specializes in the designing and manufacturing of dental chairs and complete operatories for suppliers around the world. However, Flight is not only a dental equipment manufacturer; they are a team of employees who are dedicated to the improvement of oral health, with the belief that the dental unit is the base of the practitioners operation. Therefore, the company focuses on continuing to design innovative products that are able to suit the needs of every dental practitioner.


R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc.

R.E. Morrison Equipment Inc., is a supplier of vacuum pumps and engineered systems to wide range of application and market sectors across Canada and USA, under the BaseVac™ brand. Based in Mississauga Ontario, we have been serving customers across Canada for 25 years as the exclusive distributor for Becker Vacuum Pumps. We have now built on that success and with recent exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers of vacuum pumping technologies, can take our applications knowledge to a much broader customer base.

To meet the diverse needs of applications, we provide solution driven systems that draw from a comprehensive range of vacuum pumping technologies. These include: oil sealed and dry vane pumps, vacuum boosters, liquid ring pumps and dry technology vacuum pumps for industrial and process vacuum applications. In offering these products, our goal is to provide quality and service as well as a working partnership with our customers.

Vacuum is used in many industrial applications, and the use of different pumping technologies is required. Whether you application involves food packaging, Bio Fuels processing, manufacturing of fine chemicals or pharmaceuticals, freeze drying, automotive applications, power generation or metallurgy, R.E. Morrison is your industrial vacuum solution provider.