Available now: A cost-effective yet modern intraoral camera.

Brampton, ON 2014 — Allowing the patient to see what the dentist sees is vital in helping the patient understand the condition of their teeth, gums, and mouth.  The EZ Shot Intraoral Camera’s 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor with LED Light source helps to facilitate this process by providing clear and sharp videos and still pictures.

The image quality of the camera is unparalleled. Unlike most other dental cameras out in the market today, the image quality on the EZ Shot Intraoral Camera sharpens as it gets closer to the object that is being captured. As proof of this camera’s ability to provide crisp images, illustrated below are pictures taken with this camera:

(A piece of leather was used for demonstration purposes. From left to right, the positioning of the camera moves closer to the piece of leather. Note the increase in the quality of the image).

leather pics

By use of the software that comes included with the purchase of this camera (or any other imaging software on the market including Carestream, Dexis and Eaglesoft to name a few), such pictures can then easily be stored, printed, emailed to other dentists, or be used for insurance purposes. These videos and pictures are uploaded to the computer via the camera’s 2.0 USB connectivity, which offers simple plug-and-play functionality. There is also an Apple iPad app that is specifically designed for use with this camera.


ipad ready

The included software is easy to use as pictures that are taken with the camera are immediately stored and ready to export, print, or edit. Below is a screenshot of the software:


software 1

The software also allows the user to edit the picture on the spot. As seen in the example below, the dentist can mark the picture to perhaps point out issues/concerns to a patient.


software 2

Among other features, this software also includes a built in database that allows for the storage of patient information, including storage of patient pictures.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

Joseph Hui
Marketing Manger
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