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South China Dental Show 2020 – Guangzhou, China – Visit Us at Stand 15.2 F18

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Among the 1.4 billion people in China, there are 110,000 dentists and 110,000 dental lab technicians. The ratio of dentists to total population now is 1: 12727. It was 1:100,000 in 1985, 1:50,000-60,000 in 1995, 1:25,000 in 2005 and up to now, 1:13,000 in 2010.

Thus it can be seen that the dentists have increased rapidly and the stomatology dentistry is developing fast with the booming of Chinese economy. But compared with those developed countries and regions like Europe, America and Japan, whose ratio of that is 1: 1000-2000, there is still a big gap.

Our country aims to reach the goal that every 4000-5000 persons share a dentist on average in 2030. That means in order to meet the needs of the Chinese people for dental disease treatment, oral health care and tooth esthetic, the number of stomatological hospitals and clinics in China will expand 5 times within the future 10-20 year.

With the development of Chinese stomatology dentistry and improvement of people’s living standards and consumption abilities, people’s expectation on medical techniques and services is getting higher and higher. As a result, the demand for high-class and good quality dental equipments and materials is increasing than ever. The survey on national dental diseases shows that over 97% Chinese people suffer from dental diseases and about 50% of the adult suffers from periodontal diseases and the incidence rate of decayed teeth is 37%.That means each person has 2.47 decayed teeth on average. In terms of the 1.4 billion population, there are about 500 million decayed tooth patients in the whole country with total number of over 1 billion decayed teeth. Therefore, Chinese dental market has numerous business opportunities.

Advantages of Dental South China International Expo (DSC)

1.A Sound Brand in China and even Asia

Dental South China International Expo (DSC) is the earliest-established dental exhibition in China. It was first held in March 1995 and has been in a leading position in China with 23 years’ great efforts. In 2018, exhibition area of the 23rd DSC is 55,000㎡, with 2831 booths, and 940+ leading exhibitors from 25 countries and regions displaying the latest dental products and technologies. It attracted 50,000 professional visitors from 100 countries and regions. The exhibition enjoys good reputation in the 23 years and has been highly recognized and praised as the largest, most influential and dental event with the best service in China and even in Asia.

2.Authoritative and professional academic activities

Besides a rich diversity of dental products, Dental South China International Expo (DSC) also provides dental professionals with high-level academic and technical seminars, which are authoritative, edge-cutting and practical, and thus enjoy high reputation in the industry.

Every year over 160 lectures are delivered by about 170 famous dental experts from home and abroad, covering nearly every branch of dentistry. The symposiums of endodontics, oral implantology, prosthetics, periodontics, orthodontics and typical cases review are the most popular with dentists. Dental South China International Expo(DSC)has been collaborating with dental associations of ASEAN members and organizing joint seminars with them since 2009. Those academic activities attract nearly 6000 dentists, dental technicians and manufacturers every year.

3.Guangdong Province, a powerful economic province and the largest trade and consumption center for dental products in China

The exhibition venue –Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong, is a major city in China and the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation in South China, enjoying the rapidest economic growth. Its GDP ranked third in China in 2010, reaching RMB 1060.448 billion Yuan, rising by 13% than that of the previous year.

Guangdong has the strongest economy in China. Its five economic indexes always rank the first in China — GDP, total amount of retail sales of consumer goods, foreign import and export amount, total financial revenue and residents’ deposit balance.

The population of Guangdong province has exceeded 100 million. The population of South China has exceeded 400 million. Stomatology dentistry of Guangdong province has developed very rapidly. Guangdong has 10000 dentists currently, rising by 6.5% each year. Advanced economy and opening mindset has brought to people in this region strong consumption ability and requirement for medium and high-class dental products. Guangdong has become the largest trade and consumption center for dental products in China.

Guangzhou is one of the cities with the most economic vitality in exhibition industry. The world’s largest exhibition—China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has been held in Guangzhou in each spring and autumn for over 50 years.

4.Guangzhou—China’s Southern Gateway to the World

Guangzhou has been China’s earliest, biggest and most important port for foreign trade for two thousand years. In 2010, the annual cargo throughput of Guangzhou port reached 411 million tons, ranking the 7th in the world.

Urban culture of “opening, rich, commercialism, practical, tolerance and modesty” enables Guangzhou to accept different cultures and products from all over the world and make it the most market-oriented dental product sales market in China. According to survey, for many foreign dental companies, their champion sales region in China is Guangzhou as well as South China region. Therefore, whenever a foreign company or domestic company want to explore the Chinese market, Guangzhou is the first choice.

Guangzhou is adjacent to HK, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and has a close trade relation with these regions. Since the 90s of last century, China has become a new supplying country of medical equipments in Southeast Asia market. China had become the fourth largest supplying country of medical equipment/health materials in Southeast Asia after America, Japan and Germany.

With the unique geographic advantages, Dental South China International Expo has become the best choice for exhibitors to develop Chinese market and for domestic and foreign professional visitors, especially dentists and dealers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Southeast Asia to learn about new products, new technology and order dental products.

5.Top dental show in dental equipment manufacturing base in China

Guangdong is the largest and most important dental equipment manufacturing base in China. According to statistics of Guangdong Province Food and Drug Administration, over 40% of China’s dental equipments are manufactured in Guangdong.

Guangdong province is also the largest and highest-level concentrated region of dental labs in China. With unique industrial advantages, Dental South China International Expo gathers all kinds of dental products. Advanced imported dental products or Chinese dental products with favorable price can be found at the expo. It is the first and best dental expo in China for domestic or foreign exhibitors or purchasers to attend.

6.The Exhibition Hall—The world’s third biggest and Asian’s biggest

China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex is the world’s third biggest and Asian’s biggest exhibition center at present with an exhibition area of about 330,000m2. It is a multi-functional, comprehensive and high-standard international conference and exhibition center. China Import and Export Fair Complex will definitely help to upgrade DSC’s exhibition level.

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