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Our Vision

We will facilitate industry growth and provide member value through leadership, influence, technology and education.

DIAC is committed to providing the highest standard of service to the dental industry in Canada, by:

Assisting members in the development of sound dental education and ethical business practices

Building awareness of and compliance with government and regulatory issues, in the interests of improving the delivery of oral health care and the general welfare of Canadians

Provide members with access and input to regulatory developments

Providing liaison with professional associations and other trade groups to better serve the public interest with timely and effective access to oral health care services

Developing, collecting and distributing statistical and management information for the industry

Providing sales, marketing and technical education through sponsored events

Help members bring new technologies and treatment modalities to market

Coordinating public relations activities for the Canadian dental industry

What is DIAC?

DIAC – Dental Industry Association of Canada – is an association of dental manufacturers, distributors, commercial dental laboratories and service providers committed to the highest standards of service to dental professionals in Canada.

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