Case Study: St. Justine Hospital – Montreal, Quebec

Brampton, ON – CHU Sainte Justine Hospital is a pediatric and obstetric university health centre affiliated with the University of Montreal underwent major construction under the project of “Grandir en Sante”. In 2016, the dental wing of the hospital was finally completed.IMG_2367

Through its distributor in Montreal, Flight Dental Systems supplied the new facility with 10 of its A12 Operatory Packages and 10 Dual Track Light systems. This state of the art facility for infants now features some of the most advanced dental equipment on the market with our A12 Model chair and our Dual Track Light system.

This venture with Jemeca in Montreal spanned almost 2 years from the first initial discussion with the purchasing department at St. Justine to its eventual installation. The A12 Operatory Systems supplied features a swing mounted delivery unit for both left handed and right handed dentistry and also a radius assistant instrumentation package. This ergonomic and sleek package was an excellent option for the health centre given that practitioners working there were both left handed and right handed. The upholstery that was provided also had to be custom designed and made as there was requirement to have a chair suited more for infants and with additionalIMG_2350 lumbar support in the right area for the smaller patient. After many attempts and modifications they eventually came up with the perfect cushion and support for that suited the smaller patient’s size.

The Dual Track Light system installed at the hospital had the Polaris LED light with the AG Neovo DR22 Monitors. The Dual Track System is the only product on the market the has two individual trolley systems mounted side by side. This allows no obstruction and interference between the LED light and the monitor. The system also uses a

unique CAT 6 over HDMI setup that allows the HDMI signal to be coming from over 100ft away. In this setup at Sainte Justine the incoming signal was from their hospital cable TV setup and a switch was installed that allowed it to switch from the cable TV to the computer screen that was being extended at the back of the room. In this case the monitor doubled as both a source of entertainment via cable TV for the children and also used for education to show patients X-Rays or other information from the computer that was located behind them.


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