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Built In Piezo Scaler

The built in Piezo Scaler is a durable piece of equipment which has a autoclavable titanium hand piece.  With fine tuning control on power supply and water spray, there is no heat buildup from the tips.  Root Canal enlargement and swirling irrigation lets you execute precise dental procedures, while still maintaining a high standard with great patient comfort.

Built In Ultrasonic Scaler

Built-in system for dental unit (Magnetostrictive type)  Economic solution for your dental clinic.

Product Advantages:

  • To be integrated into a dental unit (dental delivery system).  Does not occupy extra room.
  • Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz insert.  Auto-detecting function, no need to switch any button.
  • Detachable hand piece sleeve can be autoclaved in 135°C.

Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler

The Flight Tabletop Ultrasonic Scaler provides a higher maximum power setting for patients with heavy calculus.  The jump from low-power to high-power can easily be controlled by decrease in foot-pressure.  An easy unscrew of the hand piece sheath will pop it into the autoclave.  No down time due to the convenience of extra sheaths, therefore you can keep on scaling while one sheath is in the oven.

Flight Xlite 3 LED Curing Light

Flight Xlite 3 LED Curing Light has a 1,100 mw/cm2 curing power that is able to cure any composite materials on the market covering a wavelength of 385-515nm. The 5w LED Light source has one of the fastest cure times on the market. The LED curing light has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (3.7vDC) that allows wireless operation and portability to any operatory. It can provide up to 60 minutes of continuous use for a full charge. The 120 degree LED Fiber optic rod allows for access to the posterior of the mouth. Also it has 4 modes of curing; fast mode, pulse mode, ramp mode and Continuous Mode

Gcomm MicroMotor

ST40 series made by G.Comm are brushed electric micro-motors, 10.000 – 40.000 rpm, with optional LED light and internal spray, detachable sleeve, compatible with Type E connection compliant with ISO 3964.

ST40 Micro-motors offer great performances with a smooth rotation up to 40.000 rpm and can be combined together with CMG01 controller unit, easily adaptable to all dental chairs equipped with a pneumatic or electric pedal.

Gcomm Polaris Core White

The new Polaris Dental Light now available with the amazing bleaching light system.

  • Core white bleaching light system to be hooked up directly to the dental light, patent pending
  • LED illumination device dedicated to dentists and to its work purposes
  • Possibility to get the desired light for different operation purposes
  • No external supports, makes the operation area free of any obstruction

Intraoral Camera

The Intraoral Camera helps dental teams with there diagnosis and dental imaging while minting high standards and adding various efficiencies.  It is a simple plug & play, no extra software making this a easy use.  An Auto-focus feature helps maintain a high quality picture at all times.

Xlite LED Curing Light

The Flight LED XLite Curing Light is a high power 1,700 mw/cm2 curing light with the ability to cure most composites within the wavelength of 385-515nm. The 5w LED curing light uses an easily replaceable Lithium Ion battery(3.7VDC) with a full charge that can last up to 30 minutes of continuous use. The unique small head design of the curing light eliminates the need for fiber optic rods that can break and damage over time. The LED is focused directly on the curing light using a glass lens that collimates the LED light. The small 90 Degree head also enables easy access to the posterior of the mouth unlike other curing lights where special fiber optic rods are required to access the posterior of the mouth. The 330 degree swivel head also allows flexibility for the user to access all parts of the mouth.